Common Pitfall in Elevation differencing

Data from different sources

The lidar data we have used so far are acquired from the same source (QSI). This made the DEM differencing to be quiet straightforward because the crs, resolution and extent are the same. At times, the elevation data might be from diffeerence sources. It will thus require extra effort of resampling and reprojection to accurately derive snow depth. Let’s do DEM differencing again but using snow-on and snow-off DEM from different sources. The snow-on data is an 0.5m resolution raster acquired by QSI over GrandMesa in 2020. A 3m DEM data acquired by ASO in 2016 will be used as the snow-off DEM.

As a first step, we have to downsample the QSI data to the resolution of the ASO.

import os

import numpy as np 

#plotting packages
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import seaborn as sns
import hvplot.xarray

#geospatial packages
import geopandas as gpd #for vector data
import xarray as xr
import rioxarray #for raster data
import rasterstats as rs