COVID-19 Protocols

SnowEx Hackweek 2022 will be following the University of Washington’s COVID-19 safety protocols. During these challenging times, we ask all participants and organizers to work together to attend to our collective health and safety. Here are ways we can do this.

Masking policy

The University strongly recommends wearing a high-quality mask due to increasing case rates in our region. Please consider wearing a mask especially during your time indoors, and when working closely with other teammates.

Note that there are public spaces and benches near our venue that participants are welcome to use for working outdoors during project time, in an effort to reduce risks associated with indoor transmission.


Testing is not required to attend our event. However, in the interest of public safety, we strongly encourage everyone to take a COVID test just prior to attending the first day of the hackweek (Monday morning), and again throughout the week as needed. Our administrative team will be providing free rapid antigen tests at our registration desk.

For anyone wishing to take a PCR test, there is a free Public Health/UW Medicine site at the E4 parking lot on campus. To book an appointment, visit this COVID-19 testing site and scroll down to “University District”.

If you test positive

In the unfortunate event that you obtain a positive COVID test during or right before the hackweek, and/or if you experience any COVID-like symptoms, it is imperative that you take the following actions immediately:

  • Contact Jenny Holcomb via phone/text (206-914-2009) or email to report your condition.

  • Immediately self-isloate. Stay at home or in your accommodations, and be sure not to attend any hackweek sessions.

  • Our team will work with you to ensure you have what you need:

    • if you are staying in the dorms, we will follow UW dorm policies which includes ensuring you will get meals and assistance with notifying your roommate (if applicable)

    • if you feel well enough to do work, we will work with you to establish hybrid options for connecting to the hackweek activities.

  • If you can recall any close contacts with others during a time when you might have been contagious, with your permission we will contact those people encouraging them to take a test as soon as possible.


Our team is committed to providing up-to-date communications to all participants about the timing and location of possible infected persons. We will keep your personal information confidential.