Preliminary Work

We welcome all types of learners to our event, from professional software developers to people just getting started. Based on previous experience, participants gain more from our hackweeks when they arrive having a preliminary understand of some of the foundational tools of data science workflows. These skills include knowing how to:

  • Navigate a Jupyter Notebook environment

  • Conduct file management, text editing and other basic tasks from a command line interface

  • Add and commit changes in Git, and push and pull content from GitHub

  • Create simple scientific workflows in Python

SnowEx Hackweek Software Carpentry Session

We strongly encourage participants to review this two-day recorded fundamentals of Python and open-source workflows crash course (Software Carpentry Schedule) in advance of the hackweek. You may choose whichever topics you’d like to brush up on or learn. Office hours in the weeks leading up the hackweek will provide an opportunity for asking questions and troubleshooting any issues you’ve encountered.

You can view our Software Carpentry Schedule for more information.

Required setup


Please make sure to find some time to go through the below material before the hackweek.

Upon completion you:

GitHub Account

Everyone attending SnowEx Hackweek will require obtaining a GitHub account. Visit our GitHub instruction page to learn how!

Slack Account

All of our communication throughout the hackweek will be done using the SnowEx Hackweek Slack workspace. With your invite to the hackweek, you should also have received a separate email to join the Slack workspace. Upon accepting the invite, please take a moment to complete your Slack profile. Having your name and picture with your Slack account helps us and your peers to identify you on Slack and builds a more personal community throughout the week.


We will offer all tutorials within the Jupyter Hub computing environment. Visit our Introduction to Jupyter Hub page to learn more!


All content of the hackweek will be shared via GitHub and interacting with the website will be done via the git command. Visit Setting up the git command to learn how to configure that!

EarthData Login

We’ll have you download some data from NSIDC for your tutorials and projects. Visit our Earthdata page to learn how to access and Earthdata login account if you don’t already have one!

Supplemental Material


Dive deeper into how Python is managed and installed on the JupyterHub and how you can install that on your personal machine.


A basic intro to manage Python environments using the conda package manager